Feedback Episode #2: Featuring Reggie Watts!!

15 Dec

Hi Everyone,

The newest episode of Feedback the podcast featuring Reggie Watts is now available!

Reggie is an uber-talented, inter-dimensional comedian, combining improved musical journeys, psychedelic observations and rattles of Parkinsonian beat-boxing into an outer-worldly new breed of comedy.

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A huge thanks to the incredibly kind and talented Reggie Watts, his industrious management staff and New York Press for generously hosting this podcast series.

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Puppet Shows Rock

12 Mar

Coldplay release a self-effacing, genuinely hysterical video… with puppets! Will hipsters trade tight jeans for multi-colored armbands and militaristic Chilean flavor? My guess is probably not, but we’ll see…

Grizzly Bares It All

17 Jan

The captivating weirdness of Grizzly Bear’s videos.

From manga-eyed robots discovering religion to a fencing student caught in a twisted Wes Anderson montage, to claymation swamp monsters.


Vampire Weekend at Bernies 2

30 Nov

This week, Vampire Weekend released the first video off their forthcoming album Contra, due out on Jan 12th. The video is for Cousins, a bouncy punk track that’s corresponding visual, shot completely on shaky rails, is fittingly jumpy. The video features one street morphing through minute changes while band members — keeping with abstract video tradition — punctuate lyrics with smart and funny arthouse props and jump-cut body mods. After a single view, there’s at least one stunning visual trick that smacks of MTV’s best 80s experimentalism (you’ll know it when you see it).

With tight, urban compositions that sample a myriad of global musical languages, all while maintaining a sharp sense of humor — especially in their videos — VW are modern heirs to the Talking Heads, shouldering preppy-art-rock into the aught-tens. But don’t take my word for it — ask David Byrne.

Enjoy :-)

Et Tu T-Pain?

5 Oct

Jimmy Kimmel rips off Auto-Tune The News. The former co-host of Win Ben Stein’s Money steps down another rung on the slippery ladder of shame and injustice.

Get your Freak-Folk On

12 Sep

Alex Drewchin 3

With trumpets blaring I’m proud to announce the brand-new track “Coal Dust” from Brooklyn’s own freak-folk siren Alex Drewchin!

Produced by myself at Williamsburg’s Shabby Road Studio, the song features the superb bowing of cellist Emily Hope Price and Carman Staff’s hauntingly-sweet accordion. A special thank you to Jesse Lauter for his nuanced mastering expertise.

Alex Drewchin “Coal Dust”

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Feedback the Podcast! Episode #1 – Pearl & The Beard

29 Aug

PaTB Live 6Hello Friends & Music Fans!

After weeks of tweaks, prods and post-work editing marathons, the first installment of Feedback the podcast is now available!

The podcast features Pearl & The Beard — New York City’s ever-endearing love-folk three piece. As a bonus companion to Feedback’s print column, the podcast contains additional interviews and clips from the band’s most excellent April 26th CD release show at Joe’s Pub.

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A very special thanks to the enviously-patient Pearl and The Beard, Wes Verhove for the Joe’s Pub recording and Jesse Lauter for his triumphant mastering skillz.

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PaTB Ticket

Everything Sounds Better…

21 Aug

There are many You Tube videos pegged with the labels “brilliant” or “genius.” Most of which don’t live up to their lofty titles. These videos, however, do.

I’ve taken to calling them brillius or geniant (though mostly out of earshot of friends). Whatever you might call this series of web videos, Auto-Tune The News — created by Michael Gregory and his CNN consuming crew — are remorselessly silly while concealing a sharp political edge. It’s inspiring what the kids can do these days with a laptop, working knowledge of Protools, a cup of crunk sauce and a dream.

To T-Pain, w/ Love –

Pearl and The Beard, Live @ Joe’s Pub!

27 May


Feedback, my new local-music column, is officially launched, now with a sexy new logo (see above)!

The kind people over at Beyond Race Magazine were gracious enough to sponsor this monthly spout off. About three times a season, I’ll choose one budding New-York-City-based band to interview and review, and then share my insights and nuanced brand of cheerleading with all of you.

Hold the phone... It's Pearl and The Beard

Hold the phone... it's Pearl and The Beard!

This month’s band is Pearl and The Beard, a folk-inspired Brooklyn three-piece. Crafting polished sonic narratives with quilted vocal harmonies and abounding musicianship, P&TB are the perfect group for those who enjoy a little punch with their usual songwriting fair. With gripping live shows and a dose of heart-warming quirk in all their songs, this band is a sure-footed front runner for any New Yorker’s personal favorites list.

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Beyond Race Column: Feedback! Featuring “The Woes”

15 Apr

"Where'd we park the van?"

"Where'd we park the van?"

If you live in New York City, or find yourself frequently popping down, The Woes are a band you should hear. Mixing New Orleans brass with whiskey-soaked ballads and a truck-load of rowdy musicians (literally), a Woes show is the most fun you’ll have with most of your clothes on.

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