Pearl and The Beard, Live @ Joe’s Pub!

27 May


Feedback, my new local-music column, is officially launched, now with a sexy new logo (see above)!

The kind people over at Beyond Race Magazine were gracious enough to sponsor this monthly spout off. About three times a season, I’ll choose one budding New-York-City-based band to interview and review, and then share my insights and nuanced brand of cheerleading with all of you.

Hold the phone... It's Pearl and The Beard

Hold the phone... it's Pearl and The Beard!

This month’s band is Pearl and The Beard, a folk-inspired Brooklyn three-piece. Crafting polished sonic narratives with quilted vocal harmonies and abounding musicianship, P&TB are the perfect group for those who enjoy a little punch with their usual songwriting fair. With gripping live shows and a dose of heart-warming quirk in all their songs, this band is a sure-footed front runner for any New Yorker’s personal favorites list.

Click Here to read the full article.

Click Here for Episode Podcast.

Thanks for reading and listening!



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